The Idea

I met with Dr. Abdulhadi Alaoufi in 2008, almost 10 years ago. He is currently a professor at Taibah University. He is nature passionate and a walking encyclopedia when it comes to animal species and plants.

The meeting was to create a website to categorize all type of nature in Saudi Arabia. His dream is to be the first person to ever create a full encyclopedia about nature in Saudi Arabia. 

I was referred to him by a friend of mine to help him create the website and translate his idea to a real actual working fact. I'm not a dream weaver (no pun intended :)) but I liked the idea and worked my best to to make his idea become true.

Long story short, this website won "Ford Conservation and Environmental Grants Awards". Plus winning a sponsorship from King Saud University.

The Website

Saudi Wild Life was built using PHP and MySQL for backend. The CMS was fully built by myself under the name "Kalimah". Which later has powered many other websites. I'll be talking about Kalimah in a later post and its developing stages.

Saudi Wild Life website had two different front-end layouts. The first one was done by one of my team members. The owner of the website (Dr. Abdulhadi) later had the front-end redesigned by someone from his side. We have implemented the new design to fit with the back-end. It's been up and running for about 10 years so far. Now it really needs a new look and more improvement of element restructure and data distribution. It's hosted under Manzilak servers. The web development company that I manage currently.